Whats your weight loss story?

Whats your weight loss story?

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Everyone who is trying to lose weight ventures onto a journey in some way or another. Each person has their own reasons as to why they need to lose weight, some for health reasons, some for sports and others just to feel better about themselves and live a more productive, healthy lifestyle. Whatever your reason is, you should be comfortable with it, don’t be ashamed to be trying to lose weight. Think about how much worse it is doing nothing at all!

I love Garcinia Cambogia extract My weight loss journey began a few years back, I was living an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle due to a heavy workload and I just wasn’t aware of the damage that i was doing to myself. I was eating bad, visiting the gym maybe once a month just for show, all I wanted to do was sleep and in my free time I was extremely unproductive because of my lack of motivation to do anything. Weekends were just there to recoup and recharge until Monday comes again and then of to work for another 50 hour week of slave labor. I didn’t think I had time to cook so I was eating a lot of junk – fast food, takeaways, you know the score – and this combined with my lack of exercise began to take a big strain on my body and mind. I remember looking at myself in the mirror one evening and was so ashamed of how I looked that I cancelled my arrangements for that night and stayed in watching movies and eating more junk just to make myself feel better! That’s one of the biggest tricks sweet stuff pulls actually, while I’m on topic, when you eat chocolates and other sweet stuff it makes you feel good because of the endorphins they trigger in your brain, this is to hide all the damage that they are doing to the rest of your body!

So my social life was being affected now because of how I looked. This went on for months, I cant begin to tell you how many times I would drop out of plans just because of how I felt about myself. My overindulgence with food was starting to have a really negative affect on my life but I just couldn’t see it.

I remember watching a Dr Oz show where by Dr Oz himself spoke about the issues of weight loss and how it can affect people. It was only then that I saw myself from an outsider’s perspective and only then was I able to admit that I had a problem. So I started to make some changes to my life, I began jogging and started eating healthier – the results were fantastic. Not from how I looked but from how I felt. I was a ot more motivated to do things just because I was taking action and in control on things once again. A month or so later I began to notice that I was actually losing a little bit of weight, this for me was a huge accomplishment. But after another month or so, things started to get hard. I was not motivated like I once was and the daily jogs were becoming more and more tedious, so I began to slack off a bit. It was around this time when I watched another Dr Oz show and he was talking about Garcinia Cambogia Extract Review and how great t was for weight loss.

I thought it, hey, maybe its going to work for me, maybe not, but there’s only one way to truly find out and that’s by ordering some and taking it for a test ride! So I placed an order online and a few days later the Garcinia Cambogia arrived in the post, I read the label and had my first does that morning. The first thing I noticed was how great I felt. I was more than happy to go for a run, something I had not felt in ages. After the run, I was also not as hungry as usually would be – another first in a long time. This went on and on and my love for this natural weight loss product continued up until now.

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